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Welcome to the

3 Night Climate Party!

The 3 Night Climate Party brings people together to raise awareness around climate change and creating a sustainable future. Climate change is a threat so huge, it becomes unthinkable. Many of us hear the dreaded words and either despair, anxiously distract ourselves, blame it on others, or deny it is happening. Although these are very human reactions, none is particularly helpful. So what do we do?

We come together and start talking about climate change. We share knowledge, support each other and combine our isolated efforts. We use our creativity and range of abilities to collaboratively shape a sustainable future.

The 3 Night Climate Party provides you with tools to do this. Three carefully designed events that you host for your friends spark a conversation around climate and raise awareness. Their playful activities inspire community and transform the feeling of overwhelm into action. All you have to do is invite your friends, eat, drink and explore the topics.

Let's get this party started! We have no time to lose. 🤘🏽

"Change is about collaboration and working together. It's time to speak of climate action, not problems. Together this is a race we can win."

-- Bertrand Piccard

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