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This event sparks envisioning the future and gives us tools on how to get there.

Computer, magazine, glue, scissors, pens, paper, prizes for the kickoff activity



     1. Kickoff  


Often when we read or hear about climate change, we  encounter doom and gloom. Imagining the Future (3 min) by Xiye Bastida tells a different story.


  • What are your thoughts and feelings about the future you were just asked to imagine?

  • How does that change your perspective on the usual narrative around climate change?

     2. Brainstorm 


Xiye says: "Everything we've ever achieved started with imagining it first." Create a collage of pictures and words that show what you think a successful future looks like. If you prefer to do this activity online you can use Padlet to collect images and comments from everyone.


  • What do you think are the biggest obstacles of achieving this future?

  • What tools can we access to get us there?

    3. Food for Thought 


Get inspired to take action in this interview with by Jane Fonda, a lifelong activist who has fought for civil rights, women's rights and more recently for a sustainable future. 'Why I protest for climate justice'. (14 min)


  • What do you think is an activist?

  • Do you see yourself as an one? Why, why not?

     4. Action 


Ask the group whether they know if any groups similar to Jane Fonda's Fire Drill Fridays or any other organization advocating for the planet and tell the group a little about these. If not many come up, you could guide the group to the activism section on the resources page.

  • Which organization did you like? Why?

     5. Love Letters to the Planet 


Discuss how you will continue on from here. Will you come together on a regular basis? Will you organise to meet with your local MP? Will join an organisation that advocates for the planet? Will you host your own climate party with a different group of friends?


Write and sign a pledge of what you as individuals or/and a group will do to create the future you wish for.

    6. Toast 


You know the drill! Brainstorm a one sentence summary of the event; something that stood out, something you enjoyed. Finish the event by raising the glasses to this.

 Deep Dive 

If you are interested to find out more about climate change agency, check out the below resources. For even more information head to the resource section.

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