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This event brings everyone up to speed with climate change facts and inspires actions to reduce its risk.

Big sheets of paper, Post it notes, pens, computer



     1. Kickoff 


a) Climate Trivia Quiz

Access the online quiz here. You show the questions on a big screen while the participants use their mobile devices to answer them.

1. You go to Columbia University's quiz about climate change here.

2. Your guests go to and enter the access code generated for your game.


Here are instructions just in case.


  • Where there any facts that surprised you?


Icebreaker: Environmental Superhero

In order to deal with this enormous challenge we need to call in on our own superpowers.

1. Give everyone an piece of paper and a colored marker (it’s better if everyone has a different color).

2. Have each person fold the card in half to make a table tent.

3. On the front, have them write their name and draw their “environmental superhero”

4. On the back, have each person write their “supername” and “superpower.”

5. Go around the room and have each person describe their card to the group.

Adapted from Dave Gray's Gamestorming

    2. Food for Thought 


Form two groups. Each group watches a different video on climate change. After watching, the groups create a visual of their video's content in no more than 10 minutes. Then they present their work to the other group.

Group 1: Al Jazeera's documentary What is climate change (7 min)

Group 2: Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac on Nowthisnews (6 min)

     3. Discussion 


  • What was similar or different about the videos?

  • Has this changed your attitude towards climate change? Why, why not?

  • What are the most relevant actions to deal with the crisis that were mentioned?


Listen to climate psychologist Margaret Klein Salamon (1 min) speak about the 'contagion of inaction'. Give each of your friends some Post Its. They generate as many actions and ideas as they can think of that would help with this crisis and stop the contagion of inaction. They write one idea per Post it. After about 5 minutes ask whether they can group the ideas into: actions for individuals, communities, cooperations, governments, the global community cooperations.


  • Who do you think carries most responsibility to tackle climate change: individuals, communities, cooperations, governments, the global community cooperations....?

     4. Action 


The Australian Psychological Society has published a booklet with 101 things you can do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. What different sections are there? Find 3 things you will do from now on.

     5. Love Letters to the Planet 


a) Watch 'A Beauty of a second' (1 min).


  • Which moments did you find most beautiful?

  • These are everyday occurrences. Why do we miss so many of them?

  • Which moments in the day are most suited to you to pay more attention?

b) After the discussion, use either Facebook or AdobeSpark to collaborate on a video where your guests upload photos from their lives that they cherish. Choose the music for the video. Watch your mini movie as a group.

    6. Toast 


Brainstorm a one sentence summary of the event; something that stood out, something you enjoyed. Finish the event by raising the glasses to this.

 Deep Dive 

If you and your friends are interested to find out a little more about the facts of climate change, head to the 'Resources' section on 3 Night Climate Party website. You will find the following resources in the deep dive sections:

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